Precedent is an earlier event or action that is regarded as an example or guide to be considered in subsequent similar circumstances. It is an act or instance that may be used as an example in dealing with subsequent similar instances.  In other words; A precedent is something that sets a standard for future events.



How often do we follow precedents?  In our day to day activities, in organizations and in society in general, often we do not like to follow precedents especially if the person who laid the standard is not in our good books, we tend to do it our own way thereby often getting it wrong.  Looking back to most innovations of today if precedents were not followed we would not have get to where we are today.  Because by the time you follow a laid down standard let us say building an object you will be able to study that earlier object and know the short fall which you are to improve on or leave out and as well,the good part that you can still maintain and make better.  This enables you to get better at whatever you do.

Take for instance in Nigeria an incumbent governor will never follow his predecessor’s precedents rather he wants to do things in his own way not wanting to have anything do with whatever the predecessor had laid down even to the extent of carrying out project due to negative relationship between them especially when they from opposite political party.  This is really dragging us behind because in the above instance by the time an incumbent brings on his own project and abolish the predecessor’s that project becomes abandoned, while the money has been wasted of which in future the incumbent would come to realise that it is important he carry out the abandoned project but by the time he realises this, it would be too late, then he needs to sign new contract fresh funds to carry out a long time ago project.

Let us forget about our negativity and look at what is good, and then imbibe it this is the only way we can move forward!




  1. That was a very nice piece. Actually the example you made about an incubent governor not taking his predeccessor’precedent is bane of our development in this country, take for example the transformation agenda in kano, if only it will continue by hte next administration….


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