Space Avalanche Comics - The Truth Fairy  I remembered in the very early eighties my grandmother’s sister (whom I knew as my Grandmother) as well as my mother would always teach me to ‘tell the truth at all times no matter the circumstance‘  Their reasons being that truth according to the holy book and from experience, will always set one free!  in so doing, my mum would always beat me whenever I told lies but when anything happens and I told the truth, because of telling the truth I often escaped the strokes of cane or punishment that day.

So this act of getting reward of punishment or strokes of cane whenever I told lies made me often told the truth no matter the circumstance and this built my trust in the heart of both women, and other co-tenants.  And this I instilled also in my children.

Looking at the world at large today, the act of telling the truth is far from everyone, in the work place, at homes, within political associates who are leaders of various society. And this is one of factors that is contributing to threat to global peace.  If telling the truth is at all times becomes the culture of the day then there will be proper accountability from both the leaders and the followers to start with, and whenever anyone tells lie, favouritism should be rule out and appropriate punishment should be carry out in order to enhance or promote truth telling.

once truth is the culture in any society then other things can easily be addressed.  For instance when everyone often tell the truth and even when you are been told about your attitude by others you will be ready to check deep down if actually you are what is been said you are and thereafter re-adjust without grudges or dispute with those who told you the truth.  By these the society will be moving towards peaceful co-existence and tolerance would be a normal and not a difficult thing in every society.

In what way do you think truth telling can contribute to the peace of our society?  Please comment.