Trust is: reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.
a person on whom or thing on which one relies: God is my trust.
the condition of one to whom something has been entrusted.
These could be between spouse, employer/employee, Seller/Buyer, Landlord/Tenants, families, friends, relations etc.
Sometimes, the trust bestowed in an individual is so much that you doubt if such trust can be or would be breached but at the end you discover Trust is often broken by the most trusted. 

Why dopeople breach trust?

In Business; Especially between employer and employee, often the employer breach the trust and agreement based on the attitude or so to say breach of trust by an employee.  And when you find out why the employee would say his/her attitude was due to the employers breach of agreement. Most times Employers are the first to breach agreement which in turns cause breach of trust by employees. Some reasons range from Employer being too bossy, not fulfilling promises, to not acknowledging positive impact or productivity of an employee.  Also coming late to work, not having enthusiasm towards once duty, to unnecessary spending without greater result by employee.

Between Landlords and Tenants; it may due to Landlord not fulfilling the agreement of perhaps he carrying out repairs as promised or Tenant not paying as at time when due etc.

In Marriage; Most times in marital issues, the men often breach the trust between them and their spouse.  In 100% men and the same number of women you will find out that within a period of time the percentage of men that would have breach the trust between them and their spouse is higher than the number of women. 

Reasons for this according to men; range from boredom, trying something new, to joining others to do what they are doing. as well as in women, revenge, poverty, to just flirting.


In other relationship; This may be between family members, school mates, etc.  In this case these category of people do not really see trust between them as a great trust that cannot be breach.  They feel they owe the other person nothing even if the trust is breached, therefore they can do anything at anytime according to most people in this category would say he is not my spouse neither my employer who pays me.


How can we help ourselves not breaching Trust bestowed in us?

To Employers/Employees & Or Tenants/Landlords:Employers and Landlords should always ensure they fulfill whatever promise on their own part before seeing the fault of the employee or tenant.  This is the only way things we can be bold to accuse the employee or tenant of their own breach.  This would increase our relationship positively between others.

To Spouses:This is a little difficult but I think men should first transform the notion in their heads about men being polygamous in nature, then the breach of trust between them and their spouse would decrease.  Those who are use to cheating their spouse should try to stop and not encourage the innocent ones.  For most times those in the act would always influence those who do not practice such act so as to make it look like its all men that does that.  No matter how bored you are you could try new things with your spouse, if your spouse is not close you could have some fun talks over the phone in which you will feel relieved. Always love your spouse for if you do then other things like respect, seeing a renewed person on daily basis would follow.

To the women, you are to respect you husbands, no matter what whether he has money or not, remember you a helper, don,t just seat to fold your hands or think the solution to you having money to spend is to go after other men, help you husband to make money help him introduce his business, help him get a job, most importantly always pray for him.  Do not thin revenge is the solution for him not to cheat on you.  Pray and help him get out of it, scold gently, love and respect him at all times.

For other categories of people:  Have it at the back of your mind that you must love your neighbour as yoruself, so long you cannot revenge when you mistakenly cut yourself with a kitchen knife, and neither can you remove your head from your neck when it aches, learn not to breach trust at all times.  As respect is reciprocal so is trust. Do unto others what you would want them do to you.

Finally let us all transform our negative notions, and learn to fulfill agreements, promise etc at all times no matter what because once trust is breached and a heart is broken it is and or would be very difficult to build back such trust ever!





To me it is not, for man not only makes man to be wicked but also to be kind sometimes.  Therefore is usually in two ways it is either the person changes to good or bad.  For instance a person who has always been so callous could and or may one day change to very subtle and kind person due to something someone might have done to him or her likewise one who is gentle, generous and humble may change to a hardened, wicked and haughty person and even a miser. 

A very good example is a play; Good Woman of Setzuan written by Bertolt Brecht.  Another instance is the working environment where employees and employers changes towards one another from time to time due to behaviour and or attitude exhibited  by both parties either due to breaching of trust by from employees or breach of agreement from employers or vice versa.  Not only between employers and their employees but this can also be found in the home where you have a gentle, loving and caring husband or wife but who later changes to the negative due to the behaviour of other parties aside external influences however it could be a non caring husband changing to a caring one, still, due to the behaviour of the spouse. You could have helped someone by the road side of which might have led to your upliftment or same and it lands you in trouble this may lead you to canvass to people to be either good or bad depending on which of the experience you went through.  So, let us always remember and bear in mind that man does not only makes man to be wicked but that it could be vice versa, thus, it is better to say – “man makes man to change”