End yearIts yet another end of year.  Have you look back and count what exactly you achieved so far in the last 11 months?
Many organiations at this time of the year come open to appreciate their employees for the achievement of the year. But individually what have you done to appreciate God and your achievement so far?

  • Some have built houses
  • To some,  new well paid jobs
  • For some, its new partner (marriage)
  • Some bought vechiles big or small, motor or car, vehicle or ride
  • Some gained admission
  • Others have achieved one or two things within the year
    Yet to some, it was lost for them; some were hospitalised or are in the hospital, some in psychiatric home, some in orthopaedic and some to great beyond.

Do you still complain or Give thanks.  In what words will you give thanks to God for keeping you alive and for you to have achieived all you did?


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