WOMEN    This is sometimes very difficult to ascertain, as a home Manager (Housewives) looking at all the trouble of taking care of the home, the children etc most times these category of women seem to work more compare to those who goes to work in the sense that most times these women on daily basis do not sit down for a second right from when the husband and children stepped out of the house to work and school, they only manage to finish the day’s chores at about time when they know the head of the family will be home just to get themselves tidied; clean and fresh for the arrival of the man of which most times the rest of the work would have to be continued the next day.

But for the working class mothers, as soon as you get to work, after doing the necessary things there are times you take a break for like 30 – 40mins while working and often these category of women tend to leave everything in the care of the house helps which most times the house helps later by virtue of their duties becomes the home manager and subsequently and or gradually the mother of the house.  Some of these women who have no house helps hardly sleeps or manage their time well especially when they do not have understanding partner. These later category of women do their office duty throughout the day and their house chores at night of which the spouse too is waiting around the corner for him to be served too.  Oh! What a great strength women have been bestowed with.

One sure thing is, no matter the class a woman belong to; remember they are often very busy, everyone should please understand their role even though they are strong like the horse, they need to wear off the accumulated stress, they need to be loved, be tolerated, be cared for, be respected and be recognised for their hard work both at home, work and in the society.



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