A Tradition         OR      T science

Most people especially scientist do not believe in mysteries behind African Tradition, they often refer to it as myths. One of such is ‘Magun’ ( a mystery that kills before 7 days, any suspected adulterous married woman if not guilty or her concubine if guilty  immediately after sexual intercourse which is after she must have crossed a broom-stick spread on the ground by the husband or whoever wanted a prove, the broom which would have been formerly prepared by a native doctor).  Until about a decade ago, ‘Magun’ was believed by many to be a myth.

Two days ago the Irele community in Ondo State Nigeria experienced mysterious multiple deaths of some residents, according to a post by one Z. Abdullahi on one of the social medias.

An unnamed resident of the town according to link of the post was quoted to have confessed the incident was due to “the wraths of the community gods which resulted from ”destruction of the shrine, and stealing of some sacred objects from the shrine by unknown people.”  The symptoms was said to include headache, loss of sight and tongue-tied which is not similar to that of the Almighty Ebola symptoms.  However, the Commissioner of Health of the State was said to have assured residents that the health institutions were already investigating the causes of the ailment  for effective ways of treatment both local and internationally’ as resdients have started fleeing the town.

We keep our fingers cross for scientist to label this disease or ailment and profer solution or work in conjunction with the Traditionalist to unravel mystery. Over to WHO.


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