Bread Seller Turned Celebrity?

I often tell people around me that whatever u find yourself doing as your job do it well because you never know what would bring you fortune or as the christian would say, divine favour.

I was listening to NTA Newsline at 9pm yesterday Sunday the 14th February 2016, when the popular Newsline woman Becky Majedomu’s announcement of Jumoke the Bread Seller caught my attention. According to her, Jumoke was only passing by an area where T Y Bello was having a photo shoot with her Agege Bread on her head in a tray when the camera caught her beautiful image and her beautiful smile, thereafter her life changed for good, and other things that ensued after is now story, she is now a model and perhaps before you know it, she may become another Oluchi whch she already is or Kate Moss or even the highest paid international model in few months. ¬† All thanks to God Almighty and TY Bello.

This is to tell you that how God does His things is different from the ways of man. His work are incomprehensible and this further confirms what the book of psalms says in the Holy Bible; “He raises the poor out dust and the needy out of the harsh heap that he may sit with Prince of his people”.

Please whatever you do, do it with a happy mind and not with laxity or grudge.  This is a LESSON TO, AND FOR ALL.