You need not appreciate your Dad?…

Some persons have father around them 24/7 yet  do not appreciate nor knows their father’s worth according to them, some persons do not have and so do not know what fathers’ worth is, some have, but he is not always available or around them from birth.

For those who have, I laugh when they complain that their father do not do this and that for them.  They get annoyed and quarrel with their dad, some will even claim their dad has but do not want to give.  If you complain thus how then do you want those who do not even know their father from birth do?  Or those who know, but he is not always around them?

For you to know your fathers behaviour alone is a great thing, it should be a prestige to you. You know his likes and dislikes, you can even imitate his act(s), you should be thankful to God for this.  For some, they have, but they cannot say a thing about their father be it his likes or dislikes let alone to imitate him.

father It is a great thing if you have your father around you.  If you are patient enough one day you will come to appreciate him by the time you go through what he is going through, that is when you know the ‘darajan pampers’ (the use or value of pampers).

Please learn to appreciate your dad today and everyday, do not let it be too late before you realise you need to love and appreciate him.  For when he is gone (to great beyond) you will definitely miss him and wish him around.  Therefore if you have him, no matter what, love him and appreciate him NOW!

Fathers are the sweetest thing just like the mum. I miss you DAD