Ending Dangerous Speech & Extremism…

During the late 90’s  in Kano State, unguarded statements simply put ‘dangerous speech’ had caused intractable conflict which till date has remain truly unresolved because the actors and or issues are yet to be transformed.   These had in the past led to loss of so many lives and properties…

However in recent times we have been experiencing Peace Education in Kano State of Nigeria especially since the launch of Generations for Peace club for teens by Dr Femi Shodipo around 2009 or thereabout.   Lately we see more peace Ambassadors putting more effort inculcating peace attitude in today’s youth(s).

Today, there was a focus programme organised by TENDIN (Teens Educational Development and Information Initiative) at their office premises along Independence Road, Kano.


Ms Maggie and the Programme Organizer Mr Alonge with some participants

In attendance are Dr. Femi Shodipo the Country Representative in Nigeria of THE NEXUS FUND, the Grants Manager Maggie Leahy, other facilitators in attendance include Mallam Aminu  4 other Facilitators and our own Ogunseye-Falodun.


Ogunseye-Falodun (Mrs), Ms Maggie and Dr. Shodipo

The Title of the programme; ‘Ending Dangerous Speech and Violent Extremism’ got the Facilitators enlightening the youth in attendance on how to put a stop to violent behaviour especially in Kano State since violent conflict that had occurred in the past around the State started by dangerous speech which sparked off latent conflict in already negative peace environment which led to lots of lives and property lost a very good example was the ‘Sagamu Riot’ that led to violent conflict in other States including Kano.

This is a laudable programme which encourages other peace lovers to stand up and do more in order for us to have a future peaceful environment by giving PEACE EDUCATION to OUR TEENAGERS and YOUTHS IN OUR COMMUNITY(IES).

More Pictures from event…


Ogunseye-Falodun (Mrs) addressing the participant on how to prevent dangerous speech


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