Soap Operas in the 80s and early 90s

in recent times, ‘Soap Operas’ are been referred to as Series film or movies.  I often wondered what happened to those old series like;

  • Cockcrow at dawn
  • Village HeadMaster
  • Second Chance
  • Bassey and Company
  • mind your language (foreign)
  • Mr Matlock (foreign)
  • Third eye
  • Mind bending
  • Behind the Cloud
  • Mirror in the Sun
  • Checkmate etc

I know some few years back, ‘The new Masquerade’ was still shown on NTA but how about the ones mentioned above, we need all these series because they thought good life lessons unlike what we have in today world where pornography is more of the scenes on today series.

I was glad when on Sunday night of 4th June, when watching Jara on DSTV though tuned in late, and the presenters (Uti Nwachukwu and Helen Paul) were discussing countdown on drama series which they do not only talk about current movies but included some very old ones from the above mentioned.  We need these old series if NTA can help with a re-show of some of these if not all, I think our children will learn positive morals rather than negative attitude being inculcated in them through today’s series which are contrary to what we had in the old days.



Hey all, especially literature students in West Africa, remembered the book – The Good Woman of Setzuan?

Have you ever wondered why most times except in rare cases, the very generous, benevolent, selfless and simple people do not often make it real, in life, but you see the mean, selfish and heartless ones recording tremendous success in life?  Try to lay your hands on the above-mentioned book then you will experience what exactly is the secret to success.   Continue reading