Hey all, especially literature students in West Africa, remembered the book – The Good Woman of Setzuan?

Have you ever wondered why most times except in rare cases, the very generous, benevolent, selfless and simple people do not often make it real, in life, but you see the mean, selfish and heartless ones recording tremendous success in life?  Try to lay your hands on the above-mentioned book then you will experience what exactly is the secret to success.  However, the aim of writing on this is for us all to know that we do not have to be too lenient at all times likewise we are not to be mean all the time.

The character Shen Te in the book is a very accommodating, selfless and generous woman who formerly a prostitute, is nice at all times to everyone but with this attitude she could not move on successfully with her business, which she started from the money given to her by the gods who visited the community but could not get anyone to accommodate them except her, the business she set up almost crumbled.   But when she puts on the character of Shui Ta a supposed to be cousin at a point, who is mean and do not really care about others feelings, the business moved on and boomed because he unlike Shen Te does not tolerate buying on credit even at the point of death.

GW of Setzuan

When you observed generally in life, not only in business, even in the day-to-day activities administratively in places of work, a gentle and polite Superior is not often respected, people do take them for granted most times, but the difficult ones are more respected, their instructions are strictly followed and quickly carried out.  Also in business, a soft-spoken person do not often get her credit paid on time or at all but a harsh businessman or woman  who often tongue lash anyone will get their credit paid without delay

What lessons do you learn from the above especially if you have read the book;

  1. Do we have to put on Shui Ta’s character in order to be successful around people
  2. Do we put on the character of She Te only or
  3. both character to become successful.

What is your take reader?


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