From A video of Mitchelle Obama’s last commencement address as USA First Lady, I was able to hold unto 3 things as follows;

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WHAT A WOMAN CAN DO, A MAN CAN DO BEST NOT ONLY BETTER (Cooking competition by the English section of CSMC Kano)


Contestants from right; Bro. Tobi, Apos Benson, Pastor Okunola, Bro Abayomi, Bro. Ajibola, Bro, Ogundeji 

It was whao! yesterday at the CSMC (Cherubim & Seraphim Movement Church) Sanusi Street, Kano where we watched loving fathers/hubbies exhibited the expertise and experiences of their mothers and wives, displayed their capabilities live on stage.

Leadership by example was displayed as the Leader of the Church participated alongside 7 other men cooking different tasty local and continental dishes;


  1. Special Apostle A.G Ogunbanwo (JP)
  2. M/Apos Pastor Okunola
  3. M/Apos. F. Benson
  4. S/Apos K. Adeniyi
  5. Apos. I. Ogundeji
  6. Evang. Abayomi
  7. Evang. Ajibola and
  8. Bro. T. Ogunmola

Contestant ready for the tasters


The tasty jollof rice; Bro Ajibola in action


3 of the men prepared jollof rice and chicken/beaf, 2 prepared Pounded yam with Egusi soup, 1 prepared Wheat with Afang soup, 1 prepared Eba with ogbono soup and the pastor of the church prepared potato …  I cant really place what the name is now but sha its delicious. At the end, some of them really served the food well, gas cooker misbehaved to some and others, well…

Hmmn one lesson the contestant who would have won lost to the winner because of his appearance but every other thing was perfect!


S/Apos Benson in action

It was really fun seeing sweat rolling down the cheeks of handsome, respectful, God fearing men with their children and wives watching with real joy in their hearts.


In action from Left; M/S/Apos K. Adeniyi (Chocho), The Leader in charge S/Apos G. A Ogunbanwo JP 


You want to share in the fun, more programmes are lined up; come see them in action perform in a drama acting women on Wednesday, football competition on Saturday and lot more before then on daily basis.

More pix below:


M/S/Apos Adeniyi in action (Jollof rice)


The leader in action  (Leadership by example)


You need not appreciate your Dad?…

Some persons have father around them 24/7 yet  do not appreciate nor knows their father’s worth according to them, some persons do not have and so do not know what fathers’ worth is, some have, but he is not always available or around them from birth.

For those who have, I laugh when they complain that their father do not do this and that for them.  They get annoyed and quarrel with their dad, some will even claim their dad has but do not want to give.  If you complain thus how then do you want those who do not even know their father from birth do?  Or those who know, but he is not always around them?

For you to know your fathers behaviour alone is a great thing, it should be a prestige to you. You know his likes and dislikes, you can even imitate his act(s), you should be thankful to God for this.  For some, they have, but they cannot say a thing about their father be it his likes or dislikes let alone to imitate him.

father It is a great thing if you have your father around you.  If you are patient enough one day you will come to appreciate him by the time you go through what he is going through, that is when you know the ‘darajan pampers’ (the use or value of pampers).

Please learn to appreciate your dad today and everyday, do not let it be too late before you realise you need to love and appreciate him.  For when he is gone (to great beyond) you will definitely miss him and wish him around.  Therefore if you have him, no matter what, love him and appreciate him NOW!

Fathers are the sweetest thing just like the mum. I miss you DAD


Lifesaving Solutions?

“Our goal isn’t merely to stave off death. It is to help lift the heavy burden that sickness places on poor people’s existence, so they can seize opportunities in worlds of school, work and family… When polio is gone, we can use the same systems, technology, and people to deliver other lifesaving solutions…
The above are the words of Bill Gates.  Are you proud to be one of the people to deliver lifesaving solutions?


Kick Polio Out of Nigeria

Bread Seller Turned Celebrity?

I often tell people around me that whatever u find yourself doing as your job do it well because you never know what would bring you fortune or as the christian would say, divine favour.

I was listening to NTA Newsline at 9pm yesterday Sunday the 14th February 2016, when the popular Newsline woman Becky Majedomu’s announcement of Jumoke the Bread Seller caught my attention. According to her, Jumoke was only passing by an area where T Y Bello was having a photo shoot with her Agege Bread on her head in a tray when the camera caught her beautiful image and her beautiful smile, thereafter her life changed for good, and other things that ensued after is now story, she is now a model and perhaps before you know it, she may become another Oluchi whch she already is or Kate Moss or even the highest paid international model in few months.   All thanks to God Almighty and TY Bello.

This is to tell you that how God does His things is different from the ways of man. His work are incomprehensible and this further confirms what the book of psalms says in the Holy Bible; “He raises the poor out dust and the needy out of the harsh heap that he may sit with Prince of his people”.

Please whatever you do, do it with a happy mind and not with laxity or grudge.  This is a LESSON TO, AND FOR ALL.